Saturday, October 17, 2015

Introducing :: ACES

Words: Linn Branson

Alexandra Stewart and Russ Flynn are the new kids on the Brooklyn synth duo block. And with a name such as ACES, they certainly have an ace up their sleeve with the sublime soundscape of 'I’m Already Gone'.

The track comes as the latest in their current six-week project to release three singles/videos, and follows their spring debut with 'Find Me Out'.

The four-minute-plus 'I’m Already Gone' is a mix of organic and electronic pop over a slow and sensually languid flurry of synths and guitars, with late night sultry vocals.

First offering 'What Do You Think They’ll Say About Me?' introduced itself as Part I of the ACES sound and video concept.

"Part I is a dream," explains Alexandra in a recent interview. "'What Do You Think They’ll Say About Me?' was always something I envisioned as a conversation someone was having with herself. I asked my friend and actress Rachel Zeiger-Haag to play my double for it. We went to this amazing raw space in Greenpoint and turned it into our pink soaked dreamscape."

Formed last year, after meeting via their live drummer and mutual friend, Danny Wolf, four years previously and working together in Alex's old band before embarking on ACES. Unveiling their first online track 'Find Me Out' in March, earned them comparisons to London Grammar, Haim and Shura in Stewart's breathy vocal delivery, and Flynn's smooth synth and percussion textures meeting with a sparse and atmospheric production. Aces all.

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