Sunday, October 04, 2015

Introducing :: Selfoss

Words: Ellie Ward

Formed in Toronto last summer and inspired by post-punk and shoegaze genres, synth-pop trio Selfoss have just unveiled their new track   Aurelia'.

Following the release of 'The Realist Dream'/'Celibate Again' in January, despite 'Aurelia' being only the third song the band have actually recorded together, its sparkling 80s-synth-oriented dreampop melody bubbles along on a catchy rhythm that is instantly pleasing.

"Waterfalls, shoes, and afterglows", is how they describe their interests, and although we don't know about the last two, Selfoss tell us that they did name themselves after the Icelandic town of Selfoss and waterfall. Why, may or may not, have a tale attached given that none of the three are Icelandic: Reuven is Canadian-Lithuanian, Rodi, Albanian, and Lilian is from Germany.

Selfoss are: Reuven Grajner (vocals/synth), Rodi Dhjaku (guitar/vocals), Lilian Gessner (drums).

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