Friday, October 16, 2015

** PREMIERE ** Bengal Lancers - 'Moon' / 'Sun'

Words: Linn Branson

London-based trio Bengal Lancers release their new AA-side digital single ‘Moon'/'Sun’ on October 26 via Secret Dinosaur Records, and which Little Indie is pleased to premiere here.

Recorded at Think Tank Studios and produced by Max Perryment, the two tracks 'Moon' and 'Sun', are, explains vocalist Harry Sullivan, "thematically and musically, two sides of the same coin. 'Moon' is about our fears of losing what we've had, whilst 'Sun' is a song to celebrate and hope for the future."

That sense of loss is definitely apparent in 'Moon'. Opening on subtle strains, it builds into something eerily spine-tingling - largely to Sullivan's chilling voice - leading to an orchestral climax. "The first time we played it in full, we sort of sat in silence for a bit. But then all of a sudden one of us started messing about with the chords we'd used for 'Moon', giving it a bit more energy and 'Sun' just followed suit. In the space of a couple of hours we had the bare bones of both tracks down."

‘Sun’ is very much the complete opposite of its flipside partner, bursting through on an explosive blast of uptempo energy and dust-pumping "ooh-ooh's".

"We wrote both tracks a long time ago," says Harry. "It was straight after graduating University and we were all in a really awkward place in our lives; moving back home, away from relationships and friendships we'd formed over the past three years left us all a bit lost. We weren't even sure if we were going to be able to keep the band going. Lyrically, both tracks really build off of that. I wrote them on holiday with a group of Uni friends at the end of term and we really weren't sure when we were going to see each other."

Bengal Lancers play London's Brixton Windmill as part of the Oxjam Music Festival on October 17.

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