Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Track Of The Day :: East Of Here - Don't Need You

Words: Linn Branson

Third single release for East Of Here, the Sydney-based electronic duo of Mike Holm (vocals/guitar) and Joel Spiteri (guitar/keyboards), 'Don't Need You' came out last Friday (October 16) digitally.

After meeting while playing in another Sydney-based band and starting jamming together, East Of Here formed just over a year ago. Combining a mix of layered guitars, smooth vocal melodies and electronic production, they first caught Little Indie's attention last December with their debut ‘Where You Came From’, followed this year with the poignant 'Heartbeat', whose lyrical inspiration derived from the tragic death of a Sydney teenager.

'Don't Need You' is another heartstring tugger, lyrically and musically. Mixing layered guitars with an electronic edge, erratic percussion, and Mike Holm's compelling vocals that tell the thoughts and words of a person in later years who has come to terms with the idea that they’ve lost their youth by falling in love and growing up too soon. "The chorus line 'I fell in love too young, now I'm begging' reflects the regret that has risen in this person, now trapped in their life of commitment. It is inspired by our modern culture of youth and non-committal relationships," says the duo.

East Of Here play a single launch show at The Oxford Art Factory, Sydney on October 29.

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