Tuesday, October 06, 2015

[Video] Shopping - Straight Lines

Following the release of new album 'Why Choose' last week (thru FatCat), London’s post-punk trio Shopping now give us a video for single cut, 'Straight Lines' which came out last month.

The Margarita Louca-directed clip gives new meaning to "stripped-down as drummer Andrew Milk wanders around at home, amidst a bevy of unclothed people, which Louca explains the meaning behind:

“The video is a metaphor for being caught up in a constricting relationship that you know is ultimately shallow and poisonous. We played on Andrew’s lyrics - the idea of giving so much of yourself away (your life, love, money) to someone who treats you with contempt and dispassion - much like the inanimate objects littering the background of their life.”

Watch above.

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