Thursday, November 05, 2015

Listen :: Good Morning - Cab Deg

Words: Hayden Hughes

Since two of the biggest buzzes in music at the moment are the lo-fi genre and any band from Australia, you could argue that Good Morning are a somewhat definitive cross-section of current on-trend music.

As a taster for their six-track album ‘Glory’ which is set for release in February via Solitaire Records, and follows their debut EP 'Shawcross' of last year - the Melbourne indie pop duo, Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, have shared album single, 'Cab Deg'.

The track is characteristically lo-fi. You can hear the background hiss of the tape recording in between the layered guitar notes and sweet harmonies; the vocals sounding as if they were recorded through a duvet. This all adds to the charm of the stereotypically carefree, laid-back nature of the song.

Going by this track, we’re in for series of friendly summer songs to bob our heads to. If this is the case, then we will get nothing new from Good Morning, but we will, as their name suggests, greet the new album like a familiar friend.

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