Thursday, November 05, 2015

Introducing :: Heist

Photo: Eric Yuan

Words: Alison Mack

Introducing - or perhaps we should say, re-introducing - the newly formed Heist, who sprung from the dying embers of the former band known as The Costellos.

Despite all still being a mere 21-years-old, the Newcastle-based band, in their former incarnation, were around for some four years so gained some mileage under their belts. But as is the way of things, with their seeing a gradual change in their musical style, and wanting to broaden their approach, they opted to start afresh: "We felt like we needed to reinvent ourselves."

Newly reinvented, Heist have this week unveiled 'Floor Light Flickers', the first track from their new outfit. It's a buzzy four minutes that works some catchy hooks in around Carl Yeung's low in mix vocal.  "I guess you could say it's a bit Strokes-y," say the band about the track, "but more in touch with this generation. '00s influenced, but a breakaway which can be capable of melodic pop songs as well as punch- post rhythms. A bit like a filter that's gone through the '90s and '00s and scraped off the back catalogue songs no one noticed. The more personal ones, rather than the hits."

Keep check via their Facebook for live shows which should be happening within the next months, along with further releases.

Heist are: Carl Yeung - vocals/guitar, Sam Hurst - bass, Andrew Goldsborough - guitar, Aniekan Esen - drums.

More info: FACEBOOK

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