Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Track Of The Day :: Gideon Bensen - All New Low

Words: Linn Branson

Come with me, my dear readers, on a journey back to the dim and distant 1970s when a young floppy haired minstrel by the name of David Essex was setting young female hearts a-flutter and radio waves buzzing with a little tune called 'Rock On'. Go take a listen to the chorus line - and then return to hear this track by Gideon Bensen. Similar, no?

Bensen, better known as the guitarist with Sydney outfit The Preatures, has embarked on his solo side project with debut single 'All New Low', released via his own label, Puncture Records.

Self-produced in partnership with Tony Buchen (Montaigne, Mansionair), 'All New Low' is the first from a forthcoming EP and which Bensen worked on whilst on tour with The Preatures. It's a punchy little thing too, that packs in a lively and complex arrangement. Bensen acknowledges being inspired by the likes of N.W.A, Bomb da Bass, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and D’Angelo’s Black Messiah, and wanting to "incorporate that into what I was doing.”

It seems to have paid off. With his exploring hip hop and beats, don't expect this to sound like The Preatures: with its electro beats edge, the vibe is quite different. An interesting first result. We wonder if he's ever heard old Essex though...?

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