Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year From Little Indie - And Thank You

As we are about to step from 2015 into the new year of 2016, Little Indie would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us over the past 12 months.

Thank you wholeheartedly to all our many readers, new and old. Without you there really wouldn't be much point in doing this.

Thank you to all the writers who have contributed, slogging long and hard into the night to meet deadlines for a demanding editor!

Thank you to all the artists who have given us reason to write about you, and for delivering such fine works (well, mostly) worthy of words, and the PRs who supplied content to disseminate.

It is somewhat ironic that our most viewed post this year was our Little Indie submission guidelines - a post not intended for general readership, so much as for artists wanting to submit tracks. Despite the x thousands of views this has received we still get daily submissions that we can't use.

The main two areas tend to be private tracks and artists who wish to remain as somewhat mysterious, enigmatic characters and not divulge a thing about themselves. With the former, it is a case of having no soundbite to accompany words if the track is private and we cannot embed. We also have fallen victim to being sent such with a promise that a link will be supplied when it goes public. We then spend time and effort on prepping a feature - only for things to go awry and said link never materialising. A waste of our bloody time! So, no more.

We don't cover 'anonymous' artists because we think it is pretentious, stupid and pointless. We receive at least one of such per week, and despite sometimes having to hold firm to our resolve when the song is one that is particularly good, we refuse to cover. (We are still rather proud of being about the only blog not to write a word about Black Honey until they divulged their identity!)

It is amazing to think that any artist would want to adopt such a policy when it is sure to limit their exposure (especially if they are doing their own PR) as no blog has anything to say about them except they're a mystery. Yawn. And as for the argument of letting the music speak for them, this is not the 80s; this is the age of multi-layered coverage. No one can remain incognito for long, so why bother?

One case in point is London outfit Aloric. As a one-off, never-to-be-repeated instance, they are getting a mention here now to illustrate the point.  The second track put out by them, ‘Grace’, is truly stunning, one of the most beautiful pieces I have heard this year. The track is an epic tribute to Jeff Buckley. Under other circumstances it would automatically have been a Track Of The Day. As it was we never used at all as Aloric are still largely shrouded in the cloak of mystery. It was, therefore, with a large amount of regret that I had to explain to them why it was being rejected. Listen to it below.

So, remember our motto if YOU want to feature on Little Indie in 2016: You're dead without an embed. You're history if you want to be a mystery!



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