Monday, February 01, 2016

** PREMIERE ** Little Death Machine - Healthy

Photo: Willie Nash

Words: Linn Branson

Electro noise-punks Little Death Machine follow up last year's well-received single 'Pale', with a 'Healthy' start to 2016.

‘Healthy’, which Little Indie is premieres here, is taken from the London-based trio's (Daniel Cross - guitar, vocals, programming; Jason Fletcher - drums, and Jamie Kendall - visuals, sampling) debut EP, ‘Dreaming In Monochrome’, which is out on March 7 via Glasstone Records, as part of a special multimedia release.

The EP package, limited to 100 copies, consists of a USB containing the tracks and accompanying live videos, a screenprint (printed by the band) and a limited edition tote bag.

The electronica/rock/dance-infused tones of Little Death Machine's (their name deriving from a metal sculpture by Jake and Dinos Chapman) signature sound is laid out to full effect in 'Healthy's live recording at the now defunct London DIY space Power Lunches, and is part hypnotic, trippy and intense; part gritty, psych groove.

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