Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introducing :: Alice Girl

Words: Linn Branson

Alice Girl is the solo project moniker of Caitlin Feagan, a 21-year-old Australian music student from Adelaide, who we first came across late last year with her gorgeous electronic lo-fi, R&B-vibed 'Crystal Heart'.

Fusing electronic pop with ethereal vocals, Caitlin, alongside her Lewis Carroll-inspired name - "I was fascinated by Alice In Wonderland as a child, so I thought it fitting" - also forms half of synth/guitar duo Kimonono with Daniel Linke.

"We released an EP - 'Kimonono I' - in July and we're planning on putting out another pretty soon. It's a bit more upbeat and synth-pop then my solo work. I really enjoy the energy we have together," Caitlin tells us.

Formally trained in classical piano, which she started playing from the age of eight, continuing up until high school, "I still play just for pleasure," Caitlin says, "and strongly believe that my classical training has helped me so much with the transition from formal to pop music."

Citing artists like Tears For Fears, Spandau Ballet as inspiration to get into writing her own songs, "further down the line when I picked up the guitar - I played my grandma's acoustic from the 50's - I found myself being much more inspired by City and Colour and Jimmy Eat World. I suppose that’s where my more melancholic style might have developed. I like the idea of mixing dark realist vocals with danceable electronic music."

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