Wednesday, January 06, 2016

**PREMIERE** Affairs - Play

Words: Linn Branson

Having emerged into 2015 on tastemakers' lips - as well as a Little Indie band to Keep On Track - with two impressive first offerings in 'Blood Science' and 'Brothers', Manchester's Affairs now return set to make an equal impression on 2016 with new single 'Play' which Little Indie is pleased to premiere here.

Available digitally from February 5, 'Play' was produced by Ed Buller (Suede, White Lies, Pulp) and recorded at The Kinks' legendary Konk Studios in north London. A relatively brief two-and-a-half minutes, its melancholic synth-pop lines are helmed by Jim Robinson's outstanding signature vocal that draws you in from the first bar, accompanied by Dan Parker's persuasive synth riff, while drummer Michael Bradnam's infectious tom-tom pattern boldly drives the track along.

Lyrically, 'Play' is about the complexities of relationships and how we sometimes hide behind a facade or 'play games' with one another rather than facing up to our problems. Robinson closes the track with the realisation that we often continue to do so until it is too late, and the relationship breaks down, going out on the line which is geared to become something of an earworm: "How much do we want it?"

The artwork for the single was created by graphic artist Matthew Cooper (Caribou, Wild Beasts, Arctic Monkeys) and continues a cohesive theme with the imagery for the band's previous singles.

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