Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Capital Coast - Spacehead

Words: Linn Branson

2016 wearing you down already? Okay, well try this for size for a trippy chill from Capital Coast.

The five-piece from Wollongong in New South Wales (that's the Australian Wales, by the way) have just released the EP 'Spacehead' on January 2 - with its title track being Little Indie's Track Of The Day.

Recorded in the band's home living-room with two microphones and a couple of friends pitching in on mixing duties, the end result - four tracks - sound not just nectar for the ears, but very confident and well-polished for such a recording method.

Opening track, the alt-psych/surf sounding 'Spacehead', is one that grabs you immediately with its laid-back spacey guitar vibe and Nick Hutt’s infectious vocals that lyrically tell of being "on another planet 'cos I'm a spacehead."

And if you think this sounds good, the band tell Little Indie that there's more on the way.

"'Spacehead' is more of a pre-cursor for the upcoming releases of 2016. We recorded a new, more polished set of tracks at The Brain Studios in Surry Hills. After sitting on these lounge room recordings since August, we decided best to get them out there before the new tracks became our main material."

And are Capital Coast still "spaceheads"? "No, not a bunch of spaceheads anymore, Linn!"

The band are gigging throughout January and February, kicking off on January 13 at the Rad Bar in Wollongong. Check their Facebook for full dates.

Capital Coast are: Nick Hutt - vocals, Xander Burgess - rhythm guitar, Nathan Clowry - lead guitar, Ben Wilson - bass, Marcus Aiello - drums

More info: FACEBOOK

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