Sunday, February 28, 2016

EP Review :: Norra - Far Below It


Far Below It

February 25 2016 (digital release)


Words: Ellie Ward

19-minutes-worth of four tracks here from Bristol alt-rock band Norra making their extended play debut, that show quite a mature, healthy depth in range and lyricism.

For a band who are intent on exploring 'musical boundaries', they do so with with conviction on this EP where they cover each track with an atmospheric use of instrumentation, distortion, and construction. The first and title track, builds on all three with a big distortion driven wall of sound filled with shining guitar riffs and effects, deep bass and drums, with Kieran Marsden's baritone vocal being the big pull.

'For Better/For Worse', in contrast, is of a softer, down-tempo of heartfelt lyrics and swells of ravishing guitar that work to an effective climax. 'Busy' by name, and by sound, as this ups the pace and treads the line between alt-rock and post-punk thrashes of guitar and hard-focused vocals, which work on coming together to a manic fusion of guitars and percussion in its second half.

'Out Of Your Mind', yields a poignant opening of no more than guitar and vocal, with some interesting chord structures and harmonising being introduced, leading to a big flood of rock soundwaves

An often musically complex, sharply produced and impassioned debut, seemingly not to be pigeonholed in one genre, and one that shouldn't be overlooked.

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