Saturday, February 20, 2016

French indie punks MNNQNS want you to 'Come To Your Senses'

Words: Sam Geary

Have to admit wasn't too sure about French indie outfit MNNQNS on first viewing the video, below, to their new track 'Come To Your Senses'.

But the Rouen-based quintet, however, have a certain way with them, that does have something, and the punchy exuberant title line on this track is just the kind to have you singing along and punching the air. Part post-punk, part industrial with a haze of rock stomp and psych - and an attitude-riven frontman - it all kinda fits together somehow, in a punkish venez à votre sens.

Described by vocalist Adrian D'Epinay as "about cheap beer and dark industrial landscapes", 'Come To Your Senses' forms part of their planned 'Capital' EP, for which there is no firm release date set, and it seems the band intend to drop further tracks from the record over the next months.

MNNQNS play L'International in Paris on April 21, with further dates to be announced, including UK.

MNNQNS are: Adrian D'Epinay (vocals, guitar), Robin Plante (vocals, guitar), Max Dracon (bass), Florent Dubois (drums) and Vincent Fevrier (guitar).

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