Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Take a (re-) listen to WHITE's 'Living Fiction'

Photo: Martin D. Barker

Words: Linn Branson

If they had an award for catchiest earworm, this new single by Glaswegian outfit WHITE would surely be a frontrunner. It would also have been our Track Of The Day, but for the fact it already had been.

Yes, as is common with new bands putting out a first track, to then later, with a little more exposure, recycle it, we first covered 'Living Fiction' back in June 2014 - and here's the proof, though again as usually happens, the original sound link has been removed since our posting - leaving us with a nice gap. Bands, don't you just love 'em.

‘Living Fiction’ is now re-emerging this Friday (March 4), and we are also giving it another spin on the Little Indie machine to give all those who missed it the first time round an indication as to why WHITE are now being described as the most exciting band to come out of Scotland since Chvrches.

Taking 70s-influenced disco-funk and melding into electro indie, sticking in a sax and a bit of glam stomp that resembles the art-pop style of Roxy Music and LCD Soundsystem, White have themselves something immensely catchy.

With a debut album on the way later in the year, you have two last chances on this current tour to catch the band live. They play tomorrow night (March 2) at The Brewhouse in London, and on March 3 at Birmingham's Rainbow Cellar.

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