Saturday, March 26, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Sunface - Summer Holidays

Words: Linn Branson

If you're scratching your head on hearing 'Summer Holidays' because you think the vocal sounds familiar but can't place having heard a band called Sunface before, well allow us to help.

The man behind the sunny face moniker is 18-year-old Daniel Longmore - hitherto better known as the voice (and guitar) with rising Chesterfield band TRASH, who Little Indie last featured here a few weeks ago in the run-up to the release of new single 'Workout' on April 1.

Longmore seems to be something of a creative workaholic. Busy with TRASH, this new Sunface project has already seen him deliver not one, but TWO, demos in the last week. After the reverby, summer sound of ‘Sunface’, 'Summer Holidays' continues the warm vibe theme. It's not long, but with an Eastern influence opening, vocals low in the mix, strummed guitar, catchy melody and layering, it has more than enough to send you hitting the replay button.

Written and DIY recorded - using a USB mic, acoustic guitar and Garageband with programmed drums  - in his bedroom, both songs, young Mr Longmore explains, were put together pretty quickly.

"The songs are just songs that I uploaded. I was only gonna record one for fun, but I got interest from Art Is Hard Records so I decided to record another one. I wrote and recorded 'Sunface' in a few hours while my parents were at a lame 18th birthday party. 'Summer Holidays' came together the day after, also  in a few hours."

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