Friday, April 01, 2016

[Video] Samaris - Wanted 2 Say

'Wanted 2 Say’, released on April 8, is the latest single to come from Icelandic trio Samaris, and is taken from their album 'Black Lights', due on June 10.

Ushered in on a mournful note and a gentle gasp before a d’n’b breakbeat kicks in, ‘Wanted 2 Say’ takes Jófríður’s breathy vocal - sung in English - and sets it against an effervescent arpeggiated note sequence.

The video directed by Thora Hilmars was shot on a cold winter's night on an abandoned military base in Iceland. Under the light of an Icelandic blood moon, something strange begins to happen to the local teenage girls. Explains Thora: "Since the earliest days of history, the moon is believed to have a powerful influence over human and animal behaviour in an almost supernatural way and in various biblical passages a blood moon was thought to be a bad omen. In this video I wanted to explore that and peek into mysterious situations around a few young girls on a night of red moon."

Samaris are playing a handful of dates in Europe as below:

02 AMSTERDAM Sugar Factory
04 PARIS Espace B
05 LONDON Lock Tavern

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