Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Introducing :: Beachtape

Words: Sam Geary

Beachtape are a new four-man outfit hailing from the sunny Sussex seaside resort of Brighton, and with their debut AA-side single just out, one to watch.

First appearing last year with the demo track 'Maybe', this is the first we have heard from them since, studio-wise at least, seemingly due to line-up changes.

"'Skipping Sleep' is about being unsettled, and losing touch a bit, while 'Again' is more of a ballad," is how the band succinctly sum up the single's dual sides. "These two songs were some of the first we wrote so we felt they go well together."

Still early days for Beachtape, though their DIY, grungey lo-fi sound works well, particularly on both tracks.

Beachtape are: Rory Sear - vocals/guitar, Andy Kemp - bass, Dan Ooze - lead guitar, Leo Kenyon - drums.

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