Thursday, April 21, 2016

Introducing :: Maison Hall

Words: Ellie Ward

Joe Kneipp is Maison Hall, and to quote the title of his recently released debut album 'It Was Never About Me', that's as maybe, but it's certainly very much about the exquisite guitar sound captured on the Brisbane musician's 10-track record.

Listen to 'Plain Life Pt.1' below, and more via Bandcamp. This soothingly ambient near five-minute instrumental melds blissed out alt-rock with beautifully etched crystalline guitars and that kind of lush, atmospheric soundscape similar to Sigur Rós.

In the accompanying online notes, Kneipp says:

april 2015, in the midst of an intense bit of suffocating self-loathing, my friend ben, my other friend matt, and i packed our gear into my car and drove four hours to my hometown of goondiwindi. we had the vague goal of recording some music in a dilapidated masonic hall across the road from my old primary school. there was no intention of making an album.

ben and i played for six days: guitar, drums, and vocals in that little hall. our equipment broke. my amp hummed incessantly. we got sick from the cold and the dust.

the end result of those six days is the LP 'it was never about me'. its creation was cathartic, and relevant, and juvenile, and many other superlatives, but above all else it was completely fucking necessary. it was so important to just sing these 10 silly songs, songs i wrote when i was 18, songs about inconsequential, existential, angsty, pervasive restlessness and (whatever!).

so we're proud of this record, for what it isn't more than what it is. i hope that it does something for you."

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