Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Great Escape Artist Preview :: Actor

Continuing our Great Escape festival artist previews, today we take time out with Actor.

Actor is the alias of Louisa Osborn, collaborating producer Chris Mulligan and drummer Ste Anderson, who started writing their self-labelled ‘emotional euphoria wrapped in sweet and sorrowful narratives’ in a murky art space once home to a bomb factory in Leeds. With support from across the blogosphere, a ‘Best of 2015’ tipping point playlist and a ‘Best of BBC Introducing playlist in 2015’ Actor are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite UK alternative in the influx of female solo artists that have emerged over the last year.

1. First time at TGE?
Yup, it's the Actor debut in Brighton, actually.

2. Are you a seasoned Escaper as a punter, or a first-time newbie?
I am a self-confessed, first-time, Great Escape newbie. And I can't bloody wait.

3. Will you be a Brighton day-tripper or staying for the whole event?
I love Brighton, so I'd like to stay forever after we've played.

4. The highlight of your set will be...?
My personal favourite part of the set is 'Feline' - our first ever release! I love watching everybody sing "AAWWOO" back at me...

5. Where will we be likely to find you after your set: at the bar, on the beach, stuffing fish 'n' chips, or other?
Well... it won't be the beach. I'm scared of it. The last time I went to Brighton beach it was a few days before Christmas, and I'd been out the night before so I wasn't really feeling all that well. I decided to let the wind and the tide take away my troubles... But, because it was so windy my debit card must have fallen out my pocket and I hadn't done any Christmas shopping yet. I cried and got on the train back home. So I'll probably be watching another band at a bar, avoiding the beach.

6. Aside from building sandcastles on the beach with your little bucket and spade, what else will you be up to in Brighton?
We'll have our bags packed with various cameras so we'll be snapping our way round the colourful sights of Brighton. But seriously, please don't make me go to the beach!

7. Who else playing at TGE are you hoping to see yourself, or would recommend others should put on their must see list?
I reeeeally want to see the DIY magazine show with the Mystery Jets, VITAMIN and The Big Moon at the Brighton Corn Exchange. That'll be amazing. Also Black Honey because they are mega.

8. Where and when can we catch you at the festival?
You can catch Actor on Thursday 19th, at The Prince Albert, 8.30. SHARP.

9. Any tips for festival goers?
Flower headbands are out of fashion.

10. Complete this sentence: "You must see us at The Great Escape because..."
We want to see you!

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The Great Escape takes place at various venues across Brighton between May 19 - 21. Click here for further information.

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