Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Listen :: Virgin Teeth

Words: Sam Geary

Soaring, spacey synth-rock from the Californian Virgin Teeth project of Kevin Eagle Oliver's debut EP 'Hello, Scorpio'.

The three-piece - vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Eagle Oliver,  Trevor Brooks on keys/synth and drummer Blake Ritterman - hone a sound that is somewhere between the sparse, mathematical angst of The Acid, and the cosmic ideas of Jung’s Red Book.

The four-track 'Hello, Scorpio' takes in on 'Anti-Hero', the exploration of  Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey in reverse, “the lyrics flowed out as this ode to the inner villain,” says Oliver;  to "facing up to the dark things that we do, and the complex battle that can result,” on 'Time Flies'.

The name Virgin Teeth came about after a particularly traumatic visit to the dentist by the the group's frontman: “He quoted me some astronomical figure for like six root canals, and I walked out and broke down thinking that I was going to be in debt for the rest of my life; I wanted nothing more than to have virgin teeth. Then I realized those were two great words next to each other, and they came to represent this idea of staying hungry for that creative impulse.”

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