Tuesday, June 14, 2016

** PREMIERE ** Summer Loving Torture Party - The Rattle

Words: LB

With a name such as Summer Loving Torture Party you could be forgiven for thinking that this Birmingham five-piece might be fond of a bit of adult S&M, possibly alfresco. But before you start choking on your lunchtime sarnie, we are assured by Connor Christie, the band's vocalist, that the name choice is all perfectly clean.

"We formed in 2014 after leaving school and being in bands with each other for years," he tells us. "We got the name, Summer Loving Torture Party, from a line in a song by The National. Apparently they were gonna call their album it but deemed it 'too ridiculous', so we had it cause I like ridiculous!"

Well, ridiculous or not, after showcase live appearances at this year's Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City festivals, the alt-rockin' SLTP are readying to drop their second single this summer, the follow-up to the well-received 'Station' which was released in April.

And Little Indie is giving you first dibs on 'The Rattle', out on August 26 via End Of The Trail Records, which we premiere here today. Whereas 'Station' had a slightly melancholic air to it, 'The Rattle' runs on a catchy mid-tempo beat with a chorus to get you humming along to and likely to become a bit of an earworm after a couple of plays.

"'The Rattle' is basically just about being confused all the time, but embracing it," says Connor. "The rattle is like that thing users get when they really want to use, but can't. But you can get it with like everything, chocolate or cigarettes, whatever, so it's just about like moving past things."

SLTP are: Connor Christie - vocals, Joe Brookes - guitar, Matt Wilkinson - guitar, Frankie Eden - bass, Ben Oerton - drums.

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