Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Gorgeous Bully - Just Like Before

Words: LB

Gorgeous by name and gorgeous by sound, this 'Just Like Before' track from the four-track, split 7″ by Manchester's Gorgeous Bully, released last Friday (May 27) through Art Is Hard Records, really is the kind of thing that you have to hear more than once.

We featured 'Beaucoup', the other contribution by GB to the release, here back in April, but 'Just Like Before' by Thomas Crang's bedroom pop three-piece, is a hazy refrain built on some lush instrumentation and Crang's soaring vocal laid over the top like a smooth coat of glacé icing. They have put out a fair few songs over the last six years, but with this, Gorgeous Bully may well have hit the jackpot.

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