Thursday, June 02, 2016

Introducing :: Spaceman

Words: Ellie Ward

Spaceman are a new duo hailing from Birmingham, consisting of Dale Medlicott and Luke Round.

Releasing their first track 'The Sea Song' recently on Soundcloud, there appears a distinct departure from the indie rock sound of Thieves, the earlier Brum band both were with.

"Thieves just naturally come to an end and we all thought that it was time to try other things," Dale tells us. "Me and Luke tried to start a few different bands but it never seemed to quite work out, so for the last few months we decided to have a crack at it as just a duo. It gave us a bit more freedom to make exactly what we wanted, starting from scratch at Luke's house with a computer and guitars and coming up with songs where we have been coming up with some electronic stuff too."

Debut single 'The Sea Song' is a four-minute is an interesting piece from just a two-piece, weaving psychedelic elements around gauzey layers of guitar and vocals.

Expect to hear more from Spaceman over the next months, including their first live shows and a few festival appearances.

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