Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Halycine - Circles

Words: LB

Brooklyn-based Halycine is a new name in the frame, but one that is offering an updated slant on the female singer/songwriter-guitarist genre.

Halycine is the moniker of Boston-raised, half-British (her dad is from Manchester) Chloe Raynes, whose debut five-track EP, 'In The Salt' is released next month.

After being inspired through her early teens by the likes of Nirvana, after studying music composition at Bates College in Maine, she moved to New York where she initially co-fronted rock outfit Blue & Gold before embarking on her own solo project.

Lead single from the EP, 'Circles', has a grunge-rock vibe that blends reverberating guitar, a deep bass line and a melancholic, gripping vocal.

Chloe describes how the song came about:

"I wrote [it] after seeing Brett Morgen’s documentary, Montage of Heck. Nirvana was an essential early influence for me, and I was really moved by the film and its multifaceted portrayal of Kurt Cobain. 'Circles' is an exploration of the human psyche and the feeling that the world is inescapably closing in."

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