Monday, July 11, 2016

Album Review :: Lola Colt - Twist Through The Fire

Lola Colt

Twist Through The Fire

July 1 2016 (Black Tigress Records)


Words: Alison Mack

London's dark tinged Lola Colt put all of their best into this second self-produced album, weaving an often hypnotic psychedelic journey through 60s beat-group pop, film noir-esque channelled into seductive soundscapes suffused with gloom rock.

With the standout vocals of frontwoman Gun Overbye and their signature spaghetti Western type sonics, Lola Colt are both as visually compelling as they are on record, which is seen in the likes of  the near ten-minute psych-drenched title track, and the hallucinatory ‘Eagle’, with equal parts stomping beat, vocal harmonies and pulsing sparseness that gives a disconcerting tone to the track.

Single cut and opener, ‘Gold’, cuts a menacing bite of pulsating beats and a psych-infused bassline, while ‘Moonlight Mixing‘ lends a 60s retro feel, which is another lengthy piece at seven minutes and one of the best the nine-track album has on offer.

Elsewhere, ‘Kilimanjaro’ and the instrumental ‘Moksha Medicine‘ move away from American vibes to offer a North African sonic palette of sound, while ‘Bones’ swells through walls of reverb and ‘At War’ emits a bombardment of  Jesus and Mary Chain-like rumbling riffs.

Overall, perhaps not as immersive an album as their 2014 debut 'Away From The Water', but with enough of a grip to keep you listening.

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