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Live Review :: White Room :: Nambucca, London - Jul 9 2016

Live Review

White Room

Nambucca, London

July 9 2016

Words: Kenny Davies

It's a balmy Saturday night in north London, and it's not just the temperature outside that's hotting up, but the presence of one band on the bill. Promoter This Feeling are fielding a sold out line-up that is headlined by Milburn. But coming up on the outside are a five-piece guitar-driven band from Brighton by the name of White Room. They may not have achieved top of the bill status yet, but by the confidence and stage presence they show tonight (as well as when I caught them on their home turf at The Great Escape back in May) that won't be far off.

Kicking off the set with the Britpop inspired 'Back Again', they quickly launch into a full assault with a hazy guitar opening hook that is joined by a rumbling bass line and crash of drums; lead singer Jake Smallwood snarling his way through the song as if he's stepping into a boxing ring for a fight-to-the-end duel.

Recent single (and Little Indie Hot Top Ten entry) 'Think Too Much' is the band's most psychedelic song to date. Live it buzzes and crackles along like Temples doing the Small Faces, drums pounding whilst the guitars are given free rein to create more groove-laden licks giving the song a fuller sound.

'How Young To Be A Cynic' sees the band in U2 mode. Starting off slow with a steady riff and rattle of drums, it builds up with every line, almost daring the crowd to lose it as Smallwood shouts the repeated line, "you've lost control" over and over, almost as if he himself is on the verge of doing just that.

Psych guitars flow through 'Freaking On' and 'You'll See' with singer continually smashing his tambourine like his life depends on it; and whilst he is left to prowl the stage like a caged wild beast, his bandmates deliver a final musical assault on the ears of the crowd.

With the last ring of feedback echoing round the room, White Room leave the stage to massive cheers from a crowd who would probably have been more than happy for another round of songs. What most too would probably agree on is that they has just seen one of the best new bands around.

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