Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Track Of The Day :: French Leave - Walking Away

Words: Ellie Ward

Leicestershire-based synth-pop band French Leave graced our pages last August upon the release of their debut single 'Head Over Heels'. Now the four-piece return with this latest single, 'Walking Away'.

Released online this week and via Spotify and iTunes on August 26, the "relationship issues" track was written earlier this year, about "essentially, a reflection back to youth, and the struggles that we all go through: sometimes relationships are great and other times you just want to walk away," drummer Olly Walton tells us. "Because we all in the band have very different tastes, it can be very hard to write music that everybody in the band enjoys. However, 'Walking Away' is the track that has managed to satisfy all of us!"

It managed to satisfy Little Indie too. Chris Reid's commanding vocals take charge over some hypnotic guitar riffs and synth textured layers.

French Leave play the Riverbank Introducing festival in Nottingham on August 6.

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