Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Introducing / Track Of The Day :: Chest Pains - Blood Pumping

Photo: Andrew Benge

Words: LB

Try and Google Leeds band Chest Pains, particularly in conjunction with their latest track 'Blood Pumping', and while you may find out nothing at all about the band, you will likely become well acquainted in how to detect if you're having a heart attack (which could come in useful, you never know).

Worth persevering though, as this self-produced follow-up to last November's EP 'Beach Beauties' by the garage-surf quartet is just raw and scratchy enough to be good, as well darned catchy in its repeated riffs and vocalist Sam Robinson's stridently snarled delivery.

The track is the first single - released last weekend - from their upcoming five-track second EP, ‘Bath Bandits’ (release date not yet confirmed, but likely to be late August/early September).

Catch Chest Pains live on August 13 at the Fluffer Records all dayer 'Custard Thruster' event in London at the Bow Triangle Business Centre in E3.

Chest Pains are: Sam Robinson - vocals, rhythm guitar; Callum Crombie - lead guitar, backing vocals; James Tkaczyk-Harrison - bass; Harry Rogers - drums.

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