Monday, August 22, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Caroline - Pretty Corpse

Words: LB

Little Indie had our first hearing of Mancunian teen brothers Alfie (19, lead vocals lead guitar) and Joe (16, vocals, acoustic/rhythm guitar) Prior back in March with the gloriously uplifting 'Nonsense'.

Then the two were known as Violet Society. Five months later, they are back with not just another ripper of a tune in 'Pretty Corpse', released last week, but also a name change. Now known as Caroline, and as a permanently expanded five-piece (with Jacob Saunders on bass, Victoria Ferrell-Reed, violin, and Joe Stott, drums) live, they still retain those instantly likeable melodies and catchy singalong refrains that first drew us to them.

When we queried the reasons behind the name change with Joe Prior, we find where the eponymous Caroline came from. "We changed our name because we discovered numerous bands that have very similar names - Violet Disguise, The Society, for example. We decided on Caroline after we went to see a film at Home Cinema in Manchester called Victoria. We liked that it was named after a person, as we already have a violinist called Victoria, we thought Caroline was intriguing as it is almost unheard of these days and so has a uniqueness that we think our music has."

Personally, we're not so sure about Caroline (not that easy on a Google search either) having been rather fond of Violet Society, but we love 'Pretty Corpse'. Filled with catchy hooks as one could wish for and with a vibrant melodic crossover flow in its danceable beat and alt-folk pop harmonies that expose touches of the Levellers about them, coupled with racing strings and Alfie's stirringly raw voice.

"'Pretty Corpse' has a positive message about making the most out of life and really enjoying yourself," explains Joe. "It was written just before Alfie left for university and so we added an up-tempo beat to it to create a sense of excitement and anticipation."

Caroline play Stockport's Foodie Festival on September 30.

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