Sunday, August 21, 2016

Track Of The Day :: The Pale White - Second Place

Photo: Alex Blamire

Words: LB

Released this last week, 'Second Place', the new single from Newcastle three-piece The Pale White is all kinds of first place delight. The follow-up to June's debut 'Let You Down', this band are not hanging around in getting their name about.

A name that was changed from their original Sun Dance moniker when they started out back in early 2015 to reflect a musical shift. "The name alludes to the pale white light that people claim to see during and shortly after near death experiences," explains frontman Adam Hope. "We also really liked the mysterious nature of the name.”

Vocalist/guitarist Hope, together with brother Jack on drums and Tom Booth on bass, have slowly been garnering attention through their live sets, and 'Second Place' shows that there's also plenty of substance to their visual flair.

Through just under three minutes, darkly tinged swathes of resounding percussion and bass linger in the ears, as the mesmerising guitars assail your ears and Hope's - who provides the Turner to The Pale Whites' Arctic Monkeys' sonics - voice hypnotically burrows into the head.

The Pale White play Newcastle's Think Tank? on September 30.

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