Sunday, August 21, 2016

Album Review :: Coquin Migale - Munro

Coquin Migale


August 19 2016 (Fierce Panda)


Words: Kenny Davies

Newcastle's Coquin Migale take barely over 30 minutes to blast their way through eight tracks on this debut full-length album. Opening with the fantastic 'Gold' with relentless driving guitar riff, punchy bass and intertwined guitar hooks, coupled with the repeated line of "I feel like I've been dreaming", this song sends you off floating into another world and sets the tone for the rest of the album nicely.

The northerners' grunge/indie take is delivered on 'Grindie', a track packed with heavy guitars and lighter moments sprinkled in between the onslaught with some nice drum breaks and a riff that Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age would be proud of. Recent release 'Pt.2' sounds the most open and mellow Coquin Migale song so far. Huge vocals from Alex Soper flow along a poppier and more personal sounding song, but still driven with the distinctive flowing guitar lines and punchy drumming.

More hectic guitar riffage comes in the form of the heavy dreamy 'Paris', soaked throughout with guitar hooks and melodies it starts off with some haunting vocals before diving back into full throttle alt-rock. Think of The Smiths on steroids meets the Pixies: big, expansive and glorious. Halfway through the album we come to 'LUV'. It's a song that lifts you up like a hot summer's day and takes you on a journey with hazy dream-like vocals telling us that "boy you want it /girl you need it / we will feel it".  The riffs and song dynamics are here, but this time in more of gentle persuasion; it's the Coquin Migale version of a love song.

'Twang' is a short sharp tune that bounces along nicely with a very catchy vocal delivery, endless guitar hooks and little solos that make this song a fiery little number, while new track 'Frynge' perfectly showcases the band's excellent ear for light and shade dynamics. The cosmic floating vocals are accompanied with delicate guitars and soft drums which are sandwiched in amongst some heavy and frenetic rock solos. Closer 'SOCOTRA' feels like a song for a hangover: reflective, slower pace with a layer by layer build before bursting into life bringing the listener head first into a wave of guitars, drums and bass.

For fans of a classic alternative rock sound then this is for you, guitar riffs, melodies with great rhythm and pace are throughout the album and are going to propel this band onto a greater and wider audience.

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