Sunday, September 11, 2016

Introducing :: Social State

Words: Linn Branson

'Backtrack' is the debut from new West Midlands duo Social State. Produced by no less than Rat Boy, that alone should garner them a few listens if nothing else.

The Birmingham-based pair, Andy Lord and Brad Hopkins, may both be just 19, but they have been honing their craft in various other projects and rap groups before getting to forming Social State just this summer. "We have both been producing music for around 6 years now separately, before meeting at music college about three years ago," they tell Little Indie. "We also play various instruments, including drums and piano."

On 'Backtrack' both perform the rap vocals with live instruments and samplers on the two-and-a-half minute track - "we chopped up parts and added vocal lines over the top of the beat" - which interested Jordan Cardy - aka Rat Boy - enough to get involved with producing.

Lyrically, they tell us, it's "about the lifestyle of a teenager today. The lyrics mention a shit party and questioning why the hell we are here wasting our life and thinking back on some dumb stuff we have done in life. If you listen carefully there is mention of other things also."

Not an official release - that should be dropping shortly, followed by an EP in November - but more a taster, as was their inaugural live show at The Sunflower Lounge in Brum recently, 'Backtrack' may well be the first glimpse of Rat Boy's new role in the production seat and bringing on new artists.

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