Friday, October 14, 2016

EP Review :: George Cosby - A Savage Kiss

George Cosby

A Savage Kiss

October 14 2016 (Yucatan Records)


Words: Linn Branson

Maybe we're all getting too greedy with the influx of 'mini-albums', or extra long extended players - whichever way you want to look at them - so that with an EP of just three tracks, you somehow feel a little cheated.

London crooner George Cosby - he of the impossibly big baritone vocal and equally impressive film star looks - is once again in collaboration with producer Duncan Mills on this all-too-brief three-part record. There's a lot of good singers around, but you don't get many Cosbys to the pound the quality of this man, who possesses a rich timbre vocal style more commonly heard back in the 50s and 60s - unless in a stage musical

'Glamour', the just shy of four minutes opener, is a little more upbeat than the two tracks that follow it, with plenty of gloss and instrumentation that highlight the production quality. 'All Of Your Love', allows Cosby’s impressively gravel-pitched voice to come in soon after gentle strings have prepared the ground. Possibly the best of the EP is 'Juliet', where Cosby goes deep, deep down into his vocal boots for this emotionally rousing track, that fires an aural arrow straight to the heart.

Dark, distinct and dramatic, George Cosby is an artist set apart from most of his contemporaries.

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