Saturday, October 01, 2016

EP Review :: Young Kato - One. Two. Three. Four.

Young Kato 

One. Two. Three. Four.

September 30 2916 (Young Kato/Ditto Music)


Words: Jess Sharrock​​

Cheltenham's Young Kato return with this second EP, hoping to equal the success of last year's debut album, 'Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow'.

This new four-track EP, produced in a converted chapel by JJ Mitchell (who has also recently worked with Meadowlark) and mixed by Raudhri Cushan (who has worked with big names including The Maccabees, Ed Sheeran and Half Moon Run), shows a whole new side to the six-man band who have evolved massively. Their lyrics and sound now feel so much more 'grown-up' than the last album, and you can tell they set out at the start of this EP to really mean business.

Opening with the title track - a previous single release - they start as they intend to go on in full catchy, energetic flight, with lyrics like “Now, I’m crying out for a revolution”, marking out exactly what they have done: this EP could well be a revolution for the band, without a doubt.

‘Sweet Desire’ and 'I Wanna Shake You Out Of It’ are also equally exciting, a buzzy mix of colourful dance synths and sharp guitar beats, all full of enthusiasm, with the latter taking on an 80s styled electronic panache. In each of the tracks, Tommy Wright’s vocals take on a much cleaner, sharper sound; this possibly lending the EP a darker tone and perhaps a little more serious one, but it's still just as upbeat and addictive as everything else Young Kato have turned their collective hand to.

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