Sunday, November 13, 2016

EP Review :: DEN - DEN



November 11 2016 (Rice Is Nice)


Words: Alison Mack

With Sydney's DEN what you get is dark, deep, pulsating, somewhat ominous, and icily compulsive. This post-punk six-track EP offers an icy, detached assault that will either leave you hooked - or leave you frozen.

And you'll soon know as opening track 'Life In Chains', all pulsing beat and 80s synth vibe with overlaid vocals and effects, is a good clue as to what is going to follow. Though none better first single cut 'Poltergeist', the undoubted EP standout. An urgent and menacing vocal delivery from Michael Grossman with layered reverbed effects over a brooding, doom-driven bassline.

‘Current Riser’ doesn't compare to the former, but its 121 seconds hurtle along like a train on tracks of pounding drums and crazy paved synth weavings. Final track 'In The Stare' opens on what at first appears to be a reprieve from the 100mph pace, but it soon gathers momentum as Grossman spits out lyrics like a bad taste in the mouth. Which fortunately is not something that can be levelled at this EP.

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