Monday, November 28, 2016

Introducing :: Campfire Social

Words: Linn Branson

Llangollen/Chester-based Welsh five-piece Campfire Social sound, by name at least, like they are a go hoe-down band, whipping out the banjos and ukuleles around a smoky bonfire with a bunch of checked-shirted friends. In theory, there's not so much as a single squeeze-box between them and their melodic songs incline more towards soaring vocals, woozy harmonies and dancey pop beats.

'Nothing, Nowhere, Never, Now' is the newest single from the band (who grew out of the ashes of the highly regarded Shy & the Fight) released earlier this month, which certainly fits the above description. Strongly praised by Adam Walton on BBC Wales (who took to Twitter while playing 'NNNN' during his live show last Saturday, tweeting "I love this... I love this ... I love this ..." - repeated 24 times), it is, says the band's vocalist Thomas Hyndman, an indication of their "moving toward a bigger sound than what you hear on our debut collection of home recordings. We felt inclined to record 'Nothing, Nowhere, Never, Now' to give people an example of what to expect."

The song, he adds, lyrically "is a song about replacing ego with hope. I'm not too good at explaining myself without the explanation becoming even more cryptic or pretentious than the lyrics themselves. I think I would save the rest of the band the inclination to sigh and shake their heads by leaving it at that - and hoping that it means something to someone without my explanation ruining it, although I'm sure if the song appeals to anyone it will be more because of Chris' fun guitar

Take a listen below.

Live dates

14 Cavern Club, Liverpool
22 Alexanders, Chester (food donation entry fee to be distributed to Chester's homeless)

Campfire Social are:
Thomas Hyndman - vocals, guitar. Originally from Ellesmere Port now living in Llangollen.
Tom Mason - drums, vocals. From Betws-Yn-Rhos, now residing in Chester.
Carrie Hyndman - keys, vocals. Hails from Chirk, now to be found in Llangollen.
Christopher Hembrough-Done - guitar, vocals. Another from Ellesmere Port, now Chester-based.
Rhys Mather - bass. From Ellesmere Port, current residence unknown (place your bets on Llangollen or Chester...)

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