Thursday, November 10, 2016

Introducing :: One Man Dancing

Words: Linn Branson

One Man Dancing, you might think, is akin to one hand clapping, though not strictly accurate in the case of this new not one, but four-piece, band from Argentina.

'Blank Page' is the debut single from the Buenos Aires-based alt-pop outfit, and the first cut from their forthcoming first album. Agus Samur leads with a likeable vocal that ebbs and flows over some tinkling piano notes and a beat to guarantee at least one foot tapping on listening.

Originally starting as the solo project from Argentinian-born producer and multi-instrumentalist Agus Samur while touring across Europe in late 2012, once back home in Buenos Aires, he started recording and self producing the songs that will be part of the upcoming ‘Memories Of A New Home’ full-length (to be released in January 2017), and expanded to rope in three compatriots to become a fully-fledged band.

One Man Dancing are: Agus Samur - vocals, guitar, piano; Javier Ojeda - bass, synths; Andres Samur - guitar, synths; Meri Samur - drums.

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