Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Artificial Pleasure - I'll Make It Worth Your While

Words: Ellie Ward

Now, while we really really like this, we really really wonder what is going on: is this single, 'I'll Make It Worth Your While', by London trio Artificial Pleasure, actually meant to sound like like a direct cross between Franz Ferdinand and WHITE? Particularly the former where all you need do is change their “Let me out” for Franz's line "Take me out” and it is exactly the same.

It's an undeniable catchy little stomper from the trio - vocalist/ guitarist Phil McDonnell, Dom Brennan, synths and Lee Jordan on drums; previously three-fourths of the band Night Engine - with that infectious kind of beat, meaty bassline, and sing-out lines - “I really wanna dance” - that makes for a dancefloor groover.

"The song is about the desire to sometimes lose control, to lose yourself, to escape from whatever is going on. It’s about not caring, at least for a short period of time, and letting go. I get the urge to go wild but I’m often too self-conscious,” says McDonnell, of their follow-up single release to July's 'Bolt From The Blue'.

Artificial Pleasure support Lea Porcelain at London's Electrowerkz on November 28.

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