Sunday, December 04, 2016

Listen :: Monogold get nostalgic on new single 'Lovebug'

Words: Sam Geary

Brooklyn's Monogold's last album, 2015's 'Good Heavens', was an acoustic-based work. Their new EP 'Yolk', out on December 9 via Chill Mega Chill Records, is rippled with catchy melodies and hooks, and lush soundscapes driven by the instrumentation and the vocals. Something of a departure for the band who once declared themselves to be firmly fitting in the 'rock' genre.

The four song EP is a prelude to another full-length record which is in the process of being mixed right now. As with their new found musical simplicity, the lyrical content will tackle the simple things: breastfeeding, giving birth, being born, sex, bugs, and more. Before that, Monogold are sharing new dreamy and nostalgic single and video, 'Lovebug'.

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