Sunday, January 22, 2017

Introducing :: ESTHER

Words: Linn Branson

Four-piece ESTHER  - yes, all strapping blokes and not one 'Esther' amongst them - are an electronic alt-rock band from Canterbury, Kent, who at one time you may have known in their previous guise as Audioshock, before "a few member changes, years later, we changed direction and name, and now reflect a slightly heavier, darker sound."

After releasing their debut EP 'Overthrone' (which includes 'As One', above) as ESTHER last summer, 'Want It All' is their new single, coming next Friday (January 27), and the first of "many" they aim to put out this year. Which should be something to look forward to as their sound - not to mention, videos - have a polished production quality which perfectly captures their rocky essence; though tempered by its electronic component is not the kind of rock to melt your ears.

ESTHER are: Jack Kinden - vocals/lead guitar, Arron Moss - bass/backing vocals, Max Minus - synth/keys, Ross Standen - drums.

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