Friday, January 06, 2017

Listen :: Minnesota duo Vansire ease your ears with their 'Driftless' dreampop

Words: Ellie Ward

If you're still stuck in the post Christmas/New Year slump and not feeling like taking anything too taxing to listen to, then this pre EP release lead single cut, 'Driftless', from Minnesotan dream/jangle-pop band Vansire should hit the spot nicely.

This song - which follows their first album 'Reflections and Reveries', released last August - is in part a tribute to the place in which high school pals Josh Augustin (guitar, vocals, synth) and Sam Winemiller (guitar and bass) grew up, as well as a meditation on the perceived fluidity of identity in the context of one’s college years, and the somewhat “driftless” nature of the millennial existence in the 21st century. The song also features Sam's younger brother Isaac on bass.

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