Monday, February 20, 2017

Album Review :: VANT - Dumb Blood



Dumb Blood

February 17 2017 (Parlophone)


Words: Alison Mack

Mattie and the VANT boys turn out a big, loud and proud debut album in ‘Dumb Blood'. Mixing up attitude with alt-rock and fierce punk intensity that lyrically is not afraid to touch on worldly concerns - environmentalism, inequality, racism, religion, to name but some - while still managing to pull out anthems.

From the opener ‘The Answer’, Answer’, a no-holds barred track that takes on the Syrian crisis, ‘Parking Lot’, with its ominous instrumentation, which tackles US college sexual assault cases, to the upbeat 'Peace & Love' which makes a plea for a return to the idealism of the Sixties counterculture.

The likes of early VANT outing ‘Fly-By Alien’ and debut single of furious guitar frenzy with ravaged, urgent vocals, ‘Parasite’, build dynamically, while the seven-minute post-rock of 'Are We Free?' and the recent ‘Karma Seeker' highlight Mattie Vant’s passionate vocal lines.

Produced by Sam Miller, 'Dumb Blood' is an ambitious album that sees a new political force emerge in the London band.

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