Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Listen :: Bluesy-folk acoustics from Australia's Oska

Words: Izzy B

The latest upload from Caitlyn Ogilvie - aka Oska - may be a simple acoustic guitar and vocals track, but oh, take a load of that voice. Remind you a little of a young Amy Winehouse? Does us.

The indie-folk songstress from Perth, Australia may be laying her wares on her 'Heartsleeve' but there's a raw quality to her sound that will grab at your heartstrings too.

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  1. Every few years something really special surfaces that makes you stop dead in your tracks. Maybe you cry, Maybe you laugh but either way something happens inside you that could only surface with the perfect catalyst. Oska Oh is the Perfect catalyst.

    This rich, soulful voice is so genuine and pure... Definitely watch the space this Cat occupies!

  2. It's awsome catie. I let Riley listen to it and he liked. It nearly made me cry. Luv u catie.