Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Introducing :: The Blend

Words: Linn Branson

For a band that seem to have been in existence since 2014 and yet are still only aged between 16-18, played a fair number of gigs and put out their debut single 'Don't Waste My Time' last summer, which in fact came off their Chris Tsangarides (Thin Lizzy, AC/DC)-produced debut album 'All Departures' last August - either The Blend are not much good or they are one helluva undiscovered secret. Fortunately, early reports seem to firmly indicate the latter.

Take this, for example, this early foray above from 2014 when vocalist/guitarist and lyricist Dylan Smith was just aged 16, his brother, keyboards man Freddie Smith, and drummer Francis Whitley, were both only 14. Two years on and the South Coast-based outfit have obviously been working on their sound, as proved on 'Don't Waste My Time', here:

Into 2017, and now expanded to a four-piece - joined by 18-year-old bassist Ethan Harris - they are being described as ‘The Who rebooted for the 21st-century’, and about to bring out their newest single ‘Stars & Stripes’ (which also appears on the debut album) on March 17 - which could well see them catapulted from virtual unknowns into 'band to watch' territory.

The Blend create rock 'n' roll material that draws on 60s and 70s influences, taking in a worthy array of guitar riffs, coupled with a fair amount of teenage attitude and confidence and Dylan Smith's fierce vocal ability. It's no surprise that Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden, Johnny Marr and Zak Starkey are amongst early fans of the band. With drummer Whitley's impressive sticks-manship being lauded as 'the best drummer since Keith Moon' by The Who's engineers with whom the band have been working on new material, and receiving approving response from their live show outings, The Blend look on course to make their mark this year.

The Blend play London's O2 Academy, Islington on March 11 with The Blockheads.

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