Thursday, March 09, 2017

EP Review :: The Night Café - Get Away From The Feeling


The Night Café

Get Away From The Feeling

March 10 2017 (Kobalt/AWAL)


Words: Richard O’Hagan

The Night Café have been around for a little while now and, after putting out a number of well-received singles, they’re stuck two of them together with current release ‘Strange Clothes’ and a new track to form this EP.
Unusually, this actually works, partly because you can see an actual progression in their songwriting from opener ‘Mixed Signals’, through to the hymn to frustration that is ‘You Change With The Seasons’ and on to ‘Strange Clothes’.

Smartly, though, they save the best for last with ‘The Way of Mary’, which finds the guitars interlocking in a way which belies the fact that all four members are still teenagers. And how can you not love a song that begins by referencing a cookbook for children? If there’s a slight criticism, then it is that the songs are a bit same-y, lacking some light and shade in terms of tone and tempo. It doesn’t detract, though, from what is a very promising little collection.

The Night Café are also a band with a great sense of timing, too. Although they have already made some waves in their short career (including an appearance on the Introducing Stage at last year’s T in the Park), they are really arriving on the scene just as another band who specialise in the same sort of guitar-driven intelligent indie, The Maccabees, take their leave of it. Whilst it is too soon to suggest that they might fill that void, there is certainly a gap in the market there for them to take if they continue to improve at this rate.

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