Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Introducing :: Beach Riot

Words: Linn Branson

East Londoners Beach Riot are so new - January 2017 formed - that you won't find a lot about them online (they are not as yet even on Facebook), and with just their first track out, there's a so far limited repertoire. But on the basis of 'B.A.D' alone, they have already been signed up to play their maiden gig next month, and caught the attention of This Feeling promoter Mike Jonns who is also liking what he's heard.

"We we put it ['B.A.D'] online a couple of weeks ago, after recording with Steve Ansell in Brighton," frontman Rory O'Connor tells Little Indie. "We'll have more tunes ready to go and will be putting them out over the next six weeks. We hope to make plenty more noise and get people jumping around in the coming months!"

'B.A.D' has plenty of fuzzy noise about it to ensure there's plenty to 'jump around' to in its incessant beat and wiry guitar sound, and while the video ("we shot it ourselves in an hour and edited in less") doesn't give much of a visual clue to the band, it does show that they mean business.

"'B.A.D" is a song about liking someone, them liking you, but then you screwing it up and not taking your chance, then realising you're an idiot and going back only to be told to piss off," adds Rory. "I'm sure we've all done that before..."

Beach Riot play their debut show on April 18 at The Social, London (for Jack Saunders' Hopscotch night).

Beach Riot are: Rory O'Connor - vocals/guitar, Cami Menditeguy - guitar/vocals, Jimi Suza - bass/vocals, Jonny Ross - drums.

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