Thursday, March 09, 2017

Listen :: Fucked Up share epic 'Year of the Snake'

Words: Sam Geary

Toronto punks Fucked Up add to their ongoing 12" releases - eight so far - that are worked on Chinese astrology themes. Theit latest offering, 'Year Of The Snake, is out on March 24 via Tankcrimes Inc.

At 24 minutes long, the two-track record - the titular A-side, backed with 'Passacaglia' - is, says the band’s Mike Haliechuk, about “how to die, or how to think about dying.”  While it may be longer than many five-song EPs, it's an epic affair that while is furiously ribald in its psych-punk textures on one hand, also incorporates meditative strains of panpipes, synths and chiming bells. The poem that accompanies the music talks about a candle delivering a body to heaven and "a prayer to help find the light in my heart and the peace in my mind."

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