Friday, March 31, 2017

Little Indie talks vinyl with The Wytches

Credit: Steve Gullick

Words: Ellie Ward

Brighton noise-mongers The Wytches - Kristian Bell (vocals/ guitar), Dan Rumsey (bass), Mark Breed (keys/ guitar), Gianni Honey (drums) - formed in 2011 in Peterborough, and released their grunge rock/surf-psych influenced debut album 'Annabel Dream Reader' in 2014, after signing to Heavenly Recordings and after putting out 'Gravedweller' as a free digital single. Their follow-up album, 'All Your Happy Life', was released last September.

Hi guys. You're playing at the Flying Vinyl Festival next weekend, are you vinyl junkies? How does it beat digital, tape, CD or any other format?

Dan Rumsey: We are fans of vinyl. But there are benefits to all of those formats. Vinyl is great because, it slows down the listening process which I think allows you to appreciate the record as it was intended as opposed to skipping around really quickly on a digital format.

What's your favourite record on vinyl in your collection?

DR: My favourite in my collection is 'Pornography' by the Cure. It was the first one I got and it’s actually an old one from the time. Sounds amazing!

You put out a split 7-inch vinyl for Record Store Day in 2015 with Hooton Tennis Club - 'Wastybois' / 'Barstool Blues' - which I believe is now something of a collectors' item?

Gianni Honey: Heavenly put out splits by all their bands with the same artwork in a set which I think is really rare now.

Any release planned for this year's RSD?

GH: No, but we will have new music out this year.

You are playing London's Flying Vinyl festival as part of your April tour. What's the best part of playing a festival as opposed to a standard gig?

DR: There are likely to be a lot of people who don’t know you yet so it’s good to play for potential new fans. Plus people always seem out to have a good time at a festival, it’s usually something they’ve saved for so are up for a good one.

Will you be bringing any new tunes to your festival gig and/or this tour?

DR: Yeah, we will be playing a few new ones that nobody will have heard yet. They will be on a new EP too later this year.

What's your favourite song to play live that we will hear this tour?

GH: 'She’s So Far Out' or 'Riding On Horseback In The Desert'.

Will your set comprise mainly material from last year's second album or across the board?

DR: We always go across the board. Its normally pretty evenly spread out between the first album, B-sides and the second album.

Will you be catching any of the other artists on the bill while at the Oval Space?

DR: I saw about two minutes of Yassassin at Outlines festival this year before we had to go play ourselves, so I will try to catch their set. It sounded great.

Aside from yourselves, who would you tell people they mustn't miss at Flying Vinyl festival?

GH: People should go watch TRAAMS.

The full line-up for Flying Vinyl Festival, which takes place on Saturday April 8 at the Oval Space in London, is:

The Wytches / Spring King / Hidden Charms / Traams / Dream Wife / Anteros / Trudy & the Romance / Willie J Healey / Palm Honey / Yassassin

For more information and tickets, visit website.


01 2Q Festival, Derby
03 Boileroom, Guildford
04 Waterfront Studio, Norwich
05 The Horn, St. Albans
06 The Face Bar, Reading
07 Sound Control, Manchester
19 Portland Arms, Cambridge
20 The Ferret, Preston
22 WRONG 2017, Liverpool

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